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Emma's House Presents





Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary at the eagerly anticipated Emma's House Presents: 'Out of This World.' Prepare to be transported to a realm where dreams take flight and possibilities are limitless.


Join us for an unforgettable evening of cosmic elegance and philanthropic splendor as we gather under the stars to support a cause that transcends earthly boundaries. Set against the backdrop of the universe itself, 'Out of This World' promises an enchanting fusion of celestial wonder and heartfelt giving.


As the galaxies align, guests will be treated to a celestial feast for the senses, featuring:

- Stellar entertainment that will dazzle and delight, with performances that will leave you spellbound.

- Celestial-inspired cuisine crafted by renowned chefs, offering a gastronomic journey through the cosmos.

- Celestial cocktails and libations that will tantalize your taste buds and ignite your imagination.

- Otherworldly auction experiences and opportunities to make a difference, with all proceeds benefiting Emma's House's mission to help children heal from the trauma of abuse and neglect.


Throughout the evening, guests will have the opportunity to mingle with fellow philanthropists, community leaders, and advocates who share a passion for making a positive impact in our world. Together, we will embark on a mission to create change that resonates far beyond the reaches of our planet.


So don your most celestial attire and join us as we transcend the ordinary and reach for the stars at 'Out of This World.' Your presence will make a universe of difference.

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