Stevensville senior delivers needed items to Emma’s House


Stevensville High School senior Lynn Bradford delivered a surprise load of supplies last week to Emma’s House, the child advocacy center in Hamilton.

Bradford has been attending Stevensville schools for five years after moving from Denham Springs, Louisiana. She selected Emma’s House for her senior project because she heard of other fundraising events for them.

For the project, Bradford gathered granola bars, fruit leathers and juice boxes, plus toilet paper and paper towels.

“The paper products I got from my step-fathers paper mill in Lewiston, Idaho,” she said. “They donated four cases of each. Other people donated items or cash to go purchase items. I had $75 left and a $25 gift card that I handed to Kierstin Schmitt, office manager at Emma’s House."

Bradford said the she enjoyed the project.

“Especially the look on Kirsten’s face when I made the delivery, especially of all the paper products,” she said. “I asked if she had a storage room because I had eight boxes of paper goods. The look on her face was the best part.”

Emma's House Development Director Joni Lubke said Emma’s House appreciates the effort of youngsters.

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“We appreciate kids just like Lynn who step forward to do projects for Emma’s House,” Lubke said. “Volunteering teaches them compassion and understanding for programs like ours. Kids who volunteer turn into active members of their community and that has a lasting, positive impact on their lives.”

Lubke said Emma’s house is especially appreciative during the season of giving.

“Our community is so generous and (has) been dropping off donations for the kids, including toys, blankets and snacks,” she said. “We are so thankful to everyone donating money so that we can keep providing services to the most vulnerable kids in Ravalli County. Because of all of the support, over 1,000 children in Ravalli County have had a safe place to tell their story of abuse since we first opened in 2006.”

The donations keep coming to Bradford and she plans to keep it up.

“I don’t want to end it,” she said. “I’ll keep it up until after Christmas then see how it goes.”

To donate to Emma’s House via Bradford drop items or donations off at Stevensville High School.

Lisa DeMoss