Hamilton woman facing additional endangerment charges

A Hamilton woman already facing charges of providing alcohol to a minor last spring is now charged with two felony counts for allegedly inhaling canned air with her own children.

Andrea Yvonne Hill, 39, appeared this week before Ravalli County Justice Jim Bailey on two felony counts of criminal endangerment and two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of children.

The charges followed an interview by Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services employees of Hill’s three children, ages 14 and 7.

The children had been living in a different household under supervision of the state.

Court records said their father, Larry Shull, picked them up on Nov. 28 and took them to a motel, where their mother was waiting. While there, Hill allegedly purchased canned air from a nearby store.

Hill then inhaled the canned air with her children at the motel, the charging documents said. One of the children said she tried to take the can away from her mother, but the top of her arm was burned after it came into contact with the cold bottle.

Hill was arrested in May and charged with felony criminal endangerment after she allegedly provided vodka and Mike’s Hard Lemonade to a 13-year-old boy.

Court records said the boy became very sick after consuming a large amount of alcohol. Hill failed to seek medical attention for the child or contact his parents. She allegedly admitted that she understood the child was in danger of alcohol poisoning, but failed to render aid due to her concern of getting into trouble.

Bailey set bond at $50,000 in the most recent case.

Shull, 49, was charged earlier with felony tampering with witnesses after he allegedly told his three children not to tell law enforcement or anyone else that they had inhaled canned air spray with their mother.

He is currently out of jail on a $10,000 bond.

Hannah Honey