Kid Ready Eats!

We need your help!

As part of Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are preparing 24 food boxes to aid our families struggling with healthy meals. We are aiming to fill them with nutritious, no refrigeration necessary, ready to eat food items elementary aged kids can serve themselves (individually wrapped items and pull tops cans are ideal). If you'd like to help fill these boxes, please make a comment on our Facebook page naming your contribution and drop it by Emma's House between 10-3pm Monday -Friday until the end of April. Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Items to buy:
dried fruit (boxed raisins, apricots, apples)
trail mix
healthy boxes of cereal (Cheerios, Cornflakes, Kix, Raisin Bran)
soup (pull top lid or microwavable bowl)
bagged tuna
plain crackers
peanut butter crackers
peanut butter
fruit cups
canned green beans (pull top lids, by the case)
canned peaches (pull top lids, by the case)
apple sauce (single serving sizes are ideal)
microwave popcorn
fruit leather
granola bars with lots of protein
veggie straws (single serving size)
macaroni & cheese (individual serving containers)
toothbrushes (individually wrapped)
toothpaste (travel or full-size)

Lisa DeMoss