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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Child Abuse Prevention Month has been observed each April since its first presidential proclamation in 1983. Millions of Americans have participated in this national campaign.  Individuals, organizations and communities across the country plant pinwheels, tie ribbons, organize trainings, host fundraisers, and support a multitude of other activities celebrating healthy, happy childhoods and raising awareness that all children deserve to grow up in nurturing, safe homes.

You can show your support by purchasing a pinwheel in the Emma's House Pinwheel Prevention Garden. 

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Emma’s House is a charitable, not-for-profit organization funded by grants and private donations. Emma’s House is in need of supplies, as well as financial assistance in order to continue developing these essential services.


Our Mission

Emma’s House is a facility-based program where children begin healing from the trauma of abuse and neglect.  Emma’s House provides forensic interviews, child abuse-specific medical exams (on-site), and trauma-focused counseling for children and their non-offending caregivers (also on-site). The forensic interview is video-recorded and subsequently provided to the investigative agency (law enforcement or child and family services), which initiates an investigation. This process eliminates the need for the child to be interviewed at the police station, which to many children is very intimidating. Prior to Emma’s House, child victims of abuse often had to disclose up to 9 times the trauma that had occurred to multiple professionals. The Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) model minimizes the trauma to the child by eliminating the need for multiple interviews and providing a warm child-friendly home-like setting. We provide one forensic interview that is legally sound and developmentally appropriate, which oftentimes becomes critical evidence if a case goes to court.

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